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The Modern Media Strategy

Media used to consist of a few TV channels, radio, print and billboards, but the media landscape has changed so dramatically. Still, many firms stay in their comfort zone, directing clients to the media that the agency is accustomed to.

The way consumers experience advertising has completely changed. Media is, more than ever, in their hands. If a person chooses, he or she can completely bypass traditional advertising methods. This means that the channels of communication employed in a campaign must be relevant to the consumer. We need to meet the consumer when and where they are ready to receive a message, and we must engage them enough to take action by purchasing a product or service. To achieve this, we are constantly rethinking ways to make ads seen, heard and experienced.

At Western Creative, we practice media flexibility. We have no attachment to any specific type - we choose the channels of communication that produce results for each client. What matters to us is a consistent message, not the method of delivery.

We've found that tradition doesn't often work for a successful media department. We don't force a client into a specific medium based on what's been done in the past. Instead, we devise the smartest plan to get your message across - based on audience, product and angle - in a way that makes sense. This means a cost-effective, results-driven media strategy designed to change the game for our clients.

The Modern Media Buy

Media buying used to mean simply negotiating for the lowest price. At WCi, our media team does much more than that. What good is it to have the best rate on the wrong media? The goal should be to make the most impact for the fewest media dollars.

Our in-house media-buying team combines experience with up-to-date analysis to implement the best media strategy for your business. Once in place, we continually monitor the performance of the campaign and adjust media plans, if necessary, to optimize results.

With this in mind, we provide our clients with a sophisticated strategy employing a targeted, proven approach to media planning and buying - securing our clients rates that other agencies claim to be impossible.