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Imagine only paying for the advertising that works for you.

Ever notice how advertising agencies are very quick to tell you how to spend your dollars, while never taking any risks themselves? The reality is that if an ad campaign fails, they lose a client but you lose your money.

We believe that the best agency/client relationship is one where the best interests of the client are fully aligned with the best interests of the agency. In other words, we make money together.

WCi is the only advertising agency that accepts pure cost per lead assignments across all media - TV, radio, print and web. We even offer agreements that include no upfront fees or costs for production.

Our unique approach to lead generation allows our clients to determine the cost per lead, cost per sale and the volume of leads they need to be successful. Then we create a program to meet their needs.

Not only do we understand that cost per lead is important, but we also know that lead quality is vital. When you work with WCi, we work with you to devise a metric to both control lead cost, lead quality and ultimately cost per sale.

Is the WCi cost per lead approach to lead generation right for your company? There is only one way to find out. Call or email us today for a no-obligation telephone consultation.