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The success of a direct response (DR) agency can be measured by the success of its clients. To date, our clients have earned over $1 billion in sales after partnering with us for lead generation campaigns. Many of our clients have made the leap from direct response infomercials to retail, thereby reaching an even larger consumer base.

We believe the goal of most advertising should be to activate a consumer to buy a product or service. For direct response advertising, the message should convert your audience into customers almost immediately. That’s the goal Western Creative has for every campaign it undertakes, whether it is through infomercial advertising or on QVC.

We have 15 years of experience with DR. More importantly, we have 15 years of great results. We continue to produce effective, award-winning commercials, infomercials, websites and print ads for our clients, and we’re eager to do the same for you.

Fully Engaged

For some of our DR clients, we get involved from the early stages of product development. We will partner with you to develop packaging and logo design, and we have manufacturer and shopping channel relationships – including QVC – that benefit our clients from very early on.

We handle the creative, production, media planning and buying, and we can even find the call center or fulfillment house. Because of our capabilities, Western Creative is the efficient choice, saving time and money for your company, while investing an impressive amount of creativity and experience into the success of your product.


We are only successful if you are successful. Once the campaign launches, we actively monitor consumer response both at the call center and through web traffic analysis. The software we employ allows us to track the behavior of each site visitor in detail and deduce whether the site consistently converts consumers into customers. We also review call center reports and listen to customer calls.

Based on the data gathered, we may make adjustments to ensure your message is making the desired impact at the right efficiency.


Fundamentally, our goal for each infomercial campaign has always been to get more people to buy more products for more money more often. This principle guides us in both direct response and brand advertising.