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Strutz™ Selects Western Creative, Inc. to Support Sole Angel® Product on QVC

Contact: Lisa Spencer
June 6, 2011
26135 Plymouth Rd.
Redford, MI 48239
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WEST CHESTER, PA – Strutz™, a company that designs a unique style of orthotic foot support, has selected Detroit-based advertising agency, Western Creative, Inc., to represent their primary product on QVC, America’s leading television shopping network.

Strutz is the maker of the patent-pending Sole Angel®, an orthotic support designed to provide relief to people suffering from foot, knee, hip and back pain due to flat feet, fallen arches or plantar fasciitis. One of the founders of the company invented the product to alleviate his own foot pain, when no devices on the market gave him the support and comfort he needed. Sole Angel quickly gained support of many in the medical community who began recommending it to their patients with impressive results.

Strutz Sole Angel absorbs shock when standing and walking, reducing stress to joints. Its unique design provides instant relief and can be worn with footwear or even barefoot. For more information about this product, visit www.lovemyStrutz.com. QVC is the second largest television network in the US, and is available in over 160 million households worldwide. Their annual revenue exceeds $7 billion and ranks them as one of the largest multimedia retailers in the world. Western Creative is an awarding-winning, full-service advertising agency and shopping channel broker based in Redford, MI, founded by Mark Young in 1996. Western Creative has successfully launched many products on QVC, including the popular Chuck Woolery Signature Products line.

The agency is led by consumer packaged goods experts who specialize in helping small to mid-sized companies overcome current challenging trends in the f/d/m industry. Western Creative has developed comprehensive strategies that successfully make the most out of their clients’ advertising dollars. They serve satisfied clients nationwide. www.WesternCreative.com