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Western Creative and Gantec, Inc. Cultivate Sales For Plant Bio-Adaptive

Contact: Lisa Spencer
May 24, 2011
26135 Plymouth Rd.
Redford, MI 48239
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Redford, MI – Gantec, Inc., a natural products company based in Midland, MI, has chosen Detroit-area ad agency Western Creative, Inc. as their Agency of Record.

In this position, full-service agency Western Creative was requested to name Gantec’s product and perform logo and packaging design for the environmentally friendly plant bio-adaptive made from natural ingredients. To support branding efforts, Western Creative will also produce a Direct Response TV campaign and website to capture Pure Bloom sales.

All productions will educate the consumer on the many benefits of Pure Bloom, including ease-of-use, effectiveness and its plant-derived formula that, unlike many fertilizers, is safe for the environment. Pure Bloom is a unique product termed a “bio-adaptive,” meaning it takes the beneficial attributes of one organism and makes them available to another. Derived from the neem tree, a hardy species that thrives in the arid climates of India and Africa, Pure Bloom is sprayed on indoor or outdoor plants to help them grow faster and fuller, yield more and live longer.

Gantec, Inc. is a company dedicated to making natural products that benefit both people and the environment. They manufacture their products responsibly through minimal processing and by employing local villagers in West Africa to harvest the neem seeds from which Pure Bloom is made, thus supporting the economy that supplies Gantec.

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