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Toothpaste Brand Reaches Out With Soothing Formula, New Website

Contact: Lisa Spencer
May 20, 2011
26135 Plymouth Rd.
Redford, MI 48239
313-937-1908 fax

REDFORD, MI – Chicago-based oral care company, AloeSense®, has hired Detroit-area advertising agency Western Creative, Inc. to design a new optimized website to promote their AloeSense products, including toothpaste, dental floss, lip balm and extra sensitive toothbrushes.

AloeSense is the only fluoride toothpaste with aloe and allantoin that carries the American Dental Association® Seal of Approval. The website will highlight the benefits of AloeSense’s soothing formula, while it explains problems that can arise from using leading whitening, tartar control and sensitivity toothpastes due to their harsh, irritating ingredients.

The effort seeks to position Aloesense Toothpaste in a category all its own as a naturally soothing product that can help people who suffer from mouth irritation. It is also safe and effective to use every day to protect teeth and gums – a viable competitor to major leading brands and ideal for consumers who prefer a gentle, natural means to achieve a healthy mouth.

AloeSense began in Chicago nearly thirty years ago as Shane, a company offering a naturally soothing toothpaste formula. Over the decades, it has gained a highly loyal customer base for its superior quality and effectiveness. Recently, the company decided to rebrand itself as AloeSense, highlighting the product’s most unique feature.

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