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Case Study 4

Challenge :

To jumpstart sales of a relatively new, over-the-counter challenger brand in a foot care segment dominated by a single, heavy-spending pharmaceutical.

Case Study 4

Solution :

Promote the product’s competitive advantage by calling out both the benefits of the challenger and the risks associated with using the leading brand.

Specifically, use the commercial to show the actual warnings in the leading brand’s advertising, comparing and contrasting the risks and benefits of the two products.

Case Study 4

Result :

By referencing the heavy ad spender, we immediately established the client in the category, saving millions of dollars to establish our niche.

By pointing out the potential risks and side effects associated with the use of the leading brand, we were able to shift preference from the category leader to the challenger.

The challenger brand quickly moved to the top of the OTC category… at a fraction of the leading brand’s spend.