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Case Study 3

Challenge :

North America’s largest funeral and cemetery service company seeks to break out of 8-year decline in sales and make a bigger impact with advertising dollars.

Most industry professionals believed that it was not possible to effectively advertise funeral and cemetery services properly.

Case Study 3

Solution :

Create print ads to engage potential customers, drawing in both customers who require funeral services immediately, as well as those wishing to plan in advance.

Secure well-known TV personality Chuck Woolery as official spokesperson for TV spots to educate consumers about the company’s superior service offerings.

Create market-specific advertising to speak to the unique audience within a given city or region.

Case Study 3

Result :

With WCi as their Agency of Record, the company’s average qualified cost per lead saw an unprecedented 1000% reduction, making a much greater impact with every advertising dollar.

Sales have increased steadily, allowing for increased sales goals even in a challenging economy.

The rise in advertising-driven business has contributed to a substantial increase in the company’s stock price.