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Robb Taylor received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in a split-majors program, which included concentrations in creative writing and English, with sub-concentrations in history and human psychology. Throughout most of his college career, he supported himself with various writing-related jobs, from working as a staff columnist and editor on both student and non-student publications to working in education.

From there, Robb moved on to Western Creative as a copywriter, writing commercials, print advertising, websites and in-home selling systems. It was not long before he was promoted to writer-producer and eventually agency creative director. In January 2006 Robb was named Chief Creative Officer for Western Creative.

Robb’s day-to-day responsibilities vary depending on clients’ needs, but generally include several key tasks. Top on his list is the development of marketing strategies and creative concepts for Western’s high priority clients, as well as hands-on management of the processes involved in implementing strategies and creative.

Robb’s diverse background in journalistic writing, writing instruction and advertising allows him to handle several different projects at once, even when those projects require vastly different approaches, voices and strategies.

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