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If Ben Franklin were alive today, Mark Young would be his choice for advertising. Young is frequently referred to as the smartest guy in advertising. Not unlike Franklin, Young started his career very early in life. He began his first job in advertising as an account executive with a small firm, Quality Commercial Advertising, at the age of 12 (not a typo).

Young is one of those rare individuals with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. A lifetime member of the High IQ Society, he reserves at least 2 hours per day to study, staying on top of trends in technology, human behavior, geopolitics, physics, economics and future studies. A favorite quote of his is from Blaise Pascal, 17th century mathematician and physicist, “Since it is impossible to know everything about everything, one must learn and know something about everything.”

Young’s unusual style of processing information and problem solving was built early on, based on his own combination of epistemology and multidisciplinary thinking. This philosophy is based on simply asking oneself, “How do I know what I know?” This is combined with the practice of looking at everything through a much wider lens.

Young believes, “The reason why people fail to see obvious solutions before them is due to people viewing it through the eyes of an expert. We need to think broader, draw not just on our knowledge of a specific subject, but to have a wide range of knowledge and experiences and draw on all of them, to find solutions that no one has ever thought of before.”

Besides his long history in advertising, Young is an engineer holding 10 different licenses. He is the author of Future You, an audio program published by Nightingale-Conant, the publishers of Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, etc.

Young has been a college instructor, police officer, radio talk show host, musician, martial arts instructor and fighter, and has appeared in over 1000 TV commercials. Thousands of people have attended his speeches and presentations both on advertising and on his methods of predictive modeling. His work and articles are frequently published in national magazines and newspapers.

Young applies his innate gift for advertising and predictive modeling everyday as the CEO of WCi. His passion is evident in everything that WCi does. He believes that in order to truly give every client what they need, you must treat their business as if it was your own.

Besides for his duties at WCi, he is the senior partner in other related companies, Chairman of the board of World Mission Christian Outreach, board member of Faith Recovery Center and on the Board of Advisers, Walsh College, School of Business.

Young lives in the suburbs of Detroit with his wife Sally and daughter Adriana, or “Andi.” He is an avid motorcyclist, sports car enthusiast and is continuously in search of new ways to challenge himself both physically and mentally.

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