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A trait ideal for an ad man is the ability to be inspired by everything around you. Jeff Peterman embodies that trait, plus many others that make him your best bet for getting your ads in front of the right audience at the right time. Despite – or perhaps because of – 35 years of advertising experience (all in the Detroit area, though he ironically has never worked on automotive accounts), Peterman is still constantly awed by the thousands of possibilities for advertising opportunities that happen every day in a person’s life.

From a young age, Peterman has been fascinated by advertising – from TV commercials and radio jingles, to television shows like Bewitched and now Madmen. His enthusiasm for the craft continues to grow, which is evident in every aspect of his work as Media Director at WCi, a position he’s held for nearly four years. Here he uses his extensive experience, research and negotiating skills and an impressive expanse of knowledge to devise and supervise the most potent and cost-effective media strategy for your campaign.

Peterman earned a BA in Communication Arts/Advertising at Michigan State University in 1977 and, throughout his career, has been a media supervisor/media director, sharing his expertise with five different Detroit advertising agencies over two decades. He spent ten years at what he calls “the dark side” as a national radio salesperson. He has completed the Dale Carnegie course on public speaking twice, earning a place at the top of his class and as a graduate assistant instructor. He has also been guest advertising instructor at Macomb Community College.

Peterman continues to educate himself daily, both within his chosen field and without. He regularly indulges in his favorite type of reading: reference materials such as atlases, almanacs and encyclopedias. He actively pursues many interests, including architecture, the theatre, art, music, astronomy, gardening, studying and drawing maps, writing poetry, watching movies and sporting events, and playing pool.

Peterman is equally moved and inspired by the brush strokes of a Van Gogh painting, a well-executed play in baseball, and Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run album. People gravitate to Peterman because of his genuine, broad spectrum of enthusiasm and sense of humor. This includes clients, as Peterman is equally interested in their work and the challenge of designing and implementing successful media strategies.

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