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Today’s senior citizens have spent the last 40 years watching Emmy® Award winning Chuck Woolery on television. His endearing personality has made him one of America’s best loved television hosts – with an outstanding Q-Score – and has earned him credibility with a large segment of the population, especially the senior market. He has made a career of effectively communicating with this group, whether as host of some of the nation’s most popular game shows or as spokesperson for leading senior brands.

Chuck now brings his unique perspective and experiences to Western Creative as a senior citizen marketing specialist, serving almost as an embedded correspondent for the agency and its clients. He is a symbol of “the modern senior,” an active senior citizen with buying power, and he spends much of his free time in public interacting with people of all ages; it’s the natural interviewer in him.

His insights into how senior citizens relate to brands and make purchasing decisions have been critical to our clients effectively reaching their desired audience. He has worked extensively on brands that target the senior consumer, as both consultant and spokesperson, contributing at all levels of the agency-client relationship. Chuck’s work with brands like the Dignity Memorial┬« network have broken new ground – and lead generation records.

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